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Mastery-based Learning that Puts Students in the Driver's Seat

At PowerHouse Christian School, we think outside the box. If you're looking for a "typical" school that includes rows of desks for 20+ students, constant impersonal transitions between classes and teachers, advancing through a universal curriculum regardless of learning style or how fast or slow the student grasps the material, and an agenda that trains your child how to "tolerate" every social doctrine (see our blog post about that HERE),  then PHCS is not the school for your child.

If, on the other hand, you're looking for a school that tailors to your child's learning style, pace, and interests, then read on. PHCS offers a casual, personal setting that includes small groups of multi-aged students. We offer a variety of academic options to accomodate each student's unique learning needs and preferences while also equipping them with life-long tools for a healthy mindset, and empowering them to embrace their identity in Christ.

PHCS recognizes that students are not "one size fits all." That being stated, here is a sampling of the courses and curricula our middle school and/or high school students have successfully completed:

Language Arts: PowerHouse Writing (linked HERE), (mechanics), Vocabulary & Comprehension, American Literature, Fantasy Fiction Reading & Writing, British Literature, Power Spelling, Wordly Wise, Evan Moor, World History Literature 

Science: Apologia Science, Real Science 4 Kids, Friendly Science, Quest in Science, a Reason for Science

History & Geography: Beautiful Feet History and Geography, Sonlight History, Story of US, Crash Course History, PowerHouse Geography (link coming soon), World History, Economics with Uncle Eric, Boss Club

Mathematics: Math-U-See, Teaching Textbooks, ALEKS, dots math, and courses through Pre-calculus and Statistics

Electives: Architecture, Woodworking, Family and Consumer Science, American Sign Language, Japanese, Spanish, German, Library Science, Personal Finance, 3-D Design Modeling, Sports Psychology, Ukulele, Choir, Piano Lessons, Physical Education, Creating a Masterpiece (Art), Digital Art, Personal Finance, Guitar Lessons

--- and this electives list continues to grow each year!

PHCS has partnered with the following organizations:

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